Services by Gash Protection typically includes:

  • Permanent Guarding Services
  • Armed and Unarmed Security
  • Disaster Response, Control
  • Alarm installation and monitor
  • Events Security
  • Car Guards
  • Reception/Concierge Services
  • Access Control
  • Vehicle Escorting
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and
    Real-Time Management System.


Gash Protection is a profitable enterprise that provides Armed and Unarmed Security Services and expertise to Private- and Public-Sector Clients. Gash Protection is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory (PSIRA) which is mandated from the PSIRA Act 58 of 2001.

The primary objective of the Authority is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the private security industry itself.

Gash Protection is defined by PSIRA of Labour Statistics as a company primarily engaged in providing Guarding Services, CCTV Monitoring Services, Car Parking Patrollers, Bodyguards/VIP/CPO, Riot Officers, Eviction Officers.

Gash Protection also provides Advanced Special Operations Services if the client demands it.

Real-Time / GPS Monitoring

Gash Protection offers the ability to keep track of all activities happening on your premises through GPS monitoring, this service gives you full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions), employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifications, alerts and alarms, memos, notes and more, all in real-time After you sign up for Guard Center, we create a portal for our client and provide them with all the necessary training to understand how to use this service. Our software does not require either special technical knowledge or any additional hardware and software.



– Business Clusters
– Industrial Districts
– Industrial Park
– Technology Centres


– Apartment Complex
– City Blocks
– Company Town/Office Parks
– Golf Course
– Community
– Gated Community
– Housing Estate
– Private Community
– Public Housing
– Residential Area
– Retirement Community


– Famous Entertainers & Celebrities
– New Correspondents
– Athletes
– Diplomats