We are totally committed to maintaining high quality and standards through superior skills, modern equipment & technology and diversity of production.


We have carefully crafted and perfected all of our services, guided by our commitment to our clients’ success and drive to continually leverage the best practices, equipment, and technology available.

Gash Protection

Welcome to Gash Protection (est.2018) a Proudly South African based Security Solutions Company that strives to provide high quality, professional and cost-effective security solutions worldwide.

Gash Protection is a 100% Black-owned company started by a young Professional with Security, Intelligence and field experience. We focus on creating customized solutions tailored to suit our client’s needs and safety.

Gash Protection offices are in Mayville which is central between Durban CBD and Pinetown where most of our clients are, this allows us for a quick tactical response in case of emergency.

The Gash Protection was started by a visionary experienced individual to provide Guarding Services, Alternative Biometrics and IT Security Solutions Services demand.

This function within South Africa cuts across the industry through a discipline and an uncompromising ETHOS Security Services Excellence.
People in companies and organizations often tend to define risks as threats – conditions, situations and events – that could undermine the well-being and effectiveness of the organization. However, they lack a taxonomy of risks and a detailed compendium of these threats.

The lack of a common language of risk can create gaps and redundancies in Risk Management activities as well as unacknowledged risks, unallocated resources, and Faulty Risk monitoring and reporting.

The resulting lack of clarity can lead to excessive risk aversion rather than risk management, and to lost opportunities and high costs.

The company continues to evolve with transacting in new and existing markets, with acquisitions adding to the portfolio of services.

Our Vision

To be one of South Africa’s leading and reliable security companies, protect and serve, recognized worldwide and offer our clients a world class service.

Our Mission

To provide pure authentic services, customized solutions and the creation of new job opportunities, focusing on development in our local communities.

Core Objectives

Evaluate – assessing risk profiles and the unpacking of risk management upfront.
Liberal – breakthrough from traditional approaches to security service, leadership innovation package.
Integrity – the ability to ensure that data is an accurate and unchanged representation of the original secure
One type of security attack is to intercept some important data and
make changes to it before sending it on to the intended receiver.
Timorous and trustworthy – we embody reliability, integrity, worthy of trust and principled in our execution
and stakeholder engagement.
Efficacy – we have the power and capacity to produce a desired effect on our service offerings.